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The eggs hatch into free-swimming larvae which eventually settle onto the ocean bottom as adults. Nudibranchs on an Offshore Whale Survey?! ©2016 Jackie Hildering. Scroll down at this link to hear samples of marine mammal vocals recorded by AURALs. Known as the leaf sheep (Costasiella kuroshimae), this sea slug lives around coral reefs, where it grazes on clumps of algae. A few more photos from this DFO cetacean survey will soon be posted in this FaceBook album. Click to enlarge. Identification Like other bushy-backed nudibranchs (Suborder Dendronotina), the back of the giant nudibranch bears many highly branched, bushy cerata.The large rhinophores are also bushy and branched. There are over 3,000 species of nudibranch, with new species still being discovered! Currently, about 2,300 valid species of nudibranchs are known. There are 3,000 species worldwide and the Pacific Northwest has over 200 species ranging in size and colour. So many eggs are needed to ensure species survival when your young hatch out to become part of the planktonic soup of the Ocean. However, in all these years, I have never managed to get a photo of a Clown Dorid laying eggs. Insert rap awe and wonder here. When this species gets disturbed, perhaps by a hungry fish or crab, it jettisons some of its cerata, like a lizard dropping its tail, to distract the intruder, while it makes its escape. They truly help in raising awareness about the incredibly exotic and vibrant life hidden just below the surface in the dark, rich, cold waters of the NE Pacific. Plowing down into the shell debris! Mystery sea slug egg mass among horseshoe worms. © 2014 Jackie Hildering; Its mouth, throat and stomach are lined with the tough material chitin, and it also produces slime which stops the stinging cells from firing. Nudibranch photos from British Columbia May 4, 1999 From: Marion Rose Keay Hi Bill, My name is Marion Rose Keay, I am an artist, and am presently working on some underwater scenes of species typical to the coast off British Columbia right now. I think they are the most beautiful animals in the waters of the Pacific Northwest. There may be question of identification. . I bet you also want to know how it can be that their masses of fertilized eggs are bigger than the sea slugs themselves. Nudibranch (Nembrotha kubaryana) B O R A C A Y, Philippines 2019. This genus does have an internal gelatinous “pseudoconch” (false shell) and the brown dot you see in my image is the gut. The color is cream to pink. This guide currently covers the common nudibranchs, sea hares, sapsucking slugs, and other marine Heterobranchia of our coast, including several...more ↓ While land slugs are slimy and eat your vegetables, sea slugs are colorful and awesome. I think you may marvel at how very similar the masses are but the difference, at least to me is clear. It may be hard to imagine but this species is a voracious predator! Nudibranchs One of the more colourful creatures found on the ocean floor, sea slugs or nudibranchs (naked gills) are a favourite for divers and photographers. But for YEARS, I have been unable to differentiate the egg masses of two of the most beautiful sea slug species in these waters – the Gold Dirona (Dirona pellucida to 12 cm) and the Alabaster Nudibranch (Dirona albolineata to 18 cm and also referenced as the “White-Lined Dirona” or “Frosted Nudibranch”). My buddies and I discovered a “garden” of Sea Whips and Orange Sea Pens at only 65′ (20 m). Their appearance and behaviours are the result of expanses of time longer than we humans, as newcomers, can truly appreciate. Reportedly, fights most often result when the animals come into contact head-to-head. This refers to the gills and gill-like appendages that stick out of the backs of many nudibranchs. [Insert “God” instead of “Nature” if this is your preference.]. Sea slugs eat a variety of foods, and are usually carnivores. Black-footed albatross just after the buoy with the AURAL recording device came up from 226 m. Here, the highly skilled Coast Guard crew get the AURAL back aboard the ship so that the data can be retrieved and, ultimately, analyzed for whale vocals. Clown Dorid laying an egg mass. Hermissensa crassicornis feeding on Pink-Mouth Hydroids. This added to the sensation that my brain was going to explode with awe. Opalescent Nudibranchs are one of the most powerful ambassadors for shattering the misconception that warm waters are home to more colourful life. Phylum Mollusca. It’s one of a range of weird and unique survival techniques that sea slugs have evolved. A species of sea slug that is able to repeatedly detach, re-grow and then re-use its penis surprises scientists. Clown Dorid with gills are on the right. It’s “rhinophores”, by which it smells its way around, are on the left, atop its head. A backup penis is coiled up inside both sea slugs, ready to be deployed. © 2014 Jackie Hildering; ©Jackie Hildering, Hermissensa crassicornis egg mass. Photo ©Jackie Hildering. List of Nudibranch Species: Elysia diomedea. Some species mate repeatedly using disposable penises: the first time a pair mates, each slug detaches its penis and within 24 hours grows a new one, subsequently mating a second time. How does studying whale acoustics lead to increased knowledge about the depth range of nudibranchs? Two new species of the nudibranch genus Dendronotus, Dendronotusarcticussp. just when I was noting the abundance of both species, how many egg masses there were and wishing, WISHING, I could find just one of them laying eggs – my dear dive buddy Jacqui Engel waved me over and pointed out a Gold Dirona laying eggs. Red-Gilled Nudibranch also snacking away in the background.©Jackie Hildering. My dry suit has been hosed down and is drying in the sun; my regulator is soaking in fresh water; the washing machine is chug chug chugging with the clothes used over the last days of diving; and my head and heart are full of so much I want to share.

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