bayou nwa treasure map

Walk into it and to the room in the center to find the statues. It is a little south of the road, about halfway between the road and the riverfront. The eastern portion of Ambarino. Also in southern New Austin, to the southwest of where #24 is found. When you complete this mission you will get to continue your free roam/tutorial. It is also northeast of the Tiny Church point of interest on your map, although it is more north than it is east. #4: On the south end of Butcher Creek. The flower will be east of both of these roads, near to the coastline and about halfway up the island. After you complete your first request, you will no longer need to check for more posters because a new request list will be sent to you each time you go to collect your reward from the post office. It is as far northeast as you can possible go in this map. This bone can be found just to the south of the "m" of Dream, just off of the path you'll be traveling on. If you look directly west of the second "R" of Kamassa River, you should see an intersection between two roads. In western New Hanover, to the northeast of Valentine. Since he is meditating quietly, you should take this advantage to loudly ask what he's doing like six times in a row. It is before the Dakota River, and you want to stay up on the elevated area here and not go down to the actual river. There are two train tracks running through this area, and the flower is to the east of both of them. If you go to the closest road west of the first "R", this tree will be growing along the east side of it. It is just north of Lakay, along the southern edge of the swamp Lagras is located on. It will be just north of the nearby road. The good news is they aren't picky on what kind of rabbit or what kind of squirrel. The Elysian Pool is contaminated by toxic runoff from an abandoned mining operation nearby. Don't worry, he doesn't really need it at this point anyway. The rock carving is located right along the ridge and you can easily spot it using Eagle Eye from the road. #4: Just north of the right edge of the first "E" in Grizzlies East. #3: Near the very northeastern corner of Caliga Hall. It is far an away the biggest tree in the area, and it has a weird right angle kink near the bottom of it. Take it to the nearest post office and select the send mail option to send your fish. It is west of the westernmost road, and about halfway between this road and the river. Take the treasure map. HEE-HAW. Nests of gator eggs can be found basically wherever you find a gator. he untied the treasure … If you have fully explored the area, it is the island that has the alligator drawn on it. ... Bard's Crossing Treasure Map Guide and Treasure … Close to where you found the first of the trail trees. You can actually enter this building through a couple of the doors around the house. This is a hideout for the Lemoyne Raiders, so you'll need to clear them out before you can inspect the church. #5: To the southwest of where #4 is found. There is a boat here, and if you go inside you can find a phonograph sitting on the table. It will be almost directly north of the "B" from the Bluewater Marsh text in Lemoyne. The flower is growing on a tree in the southeastern corner of the island. When you find a group, immediately go into Dead Eye and pick off the entire group before they go airborne. As you are riding the man will introduce himself as Mr. Horley. Climb up the nearby tower to look at it from above, and once you reach the top you'll be able to add it to Arthur's notebook. It is just to the east of the very first road you'll run into. Hiking, biking and horseback riding. Head south from here, and you should see a lone individual sitting on the edge of the cliff. Your email address will not be published. He hands over a special revolver (Algernon's Revolver), an exotic hat, and $200. This will help you pick up ground a little more quickly and will stop you from feel like you're not getting anywhere with the fish. Most are on the eastern side of the Bluewater Marsh region, to the east of the largest lake in the area. When you reach the edge of the cliff, look down and you should see another ledge sticking a bit further out. It is by the little bit of land that sticks out a little bit westward from the coastline. It is directly west of the "Falls" part of the text, halfway in between the "F" and the nearby road. On the map there is an intersection between a railroad track and a road in northwestern Bayou Nwa, and this is almost directly south of that. It is north of the northern most road in the area, pretty close to the waterfront. #9: On the small island immediately to the southwest of #8. Take this road westward until you reach Whimyard Straight, then cross the bridge so you are on the west shore of the straight. 1 Perfect Rabbit Carcass and 1 Perfect Squirrel Carcass, 1 Perfect Cardinal Carcass, 1 Perfect Rat Carcass, and 1 Perfect Woodpecker Carcass, 1 Perfect Chipmunk Carcass, 1 Perfect Opossum Carcass, 1 Perfect Oriole Carcass, and 1 Perfect Robin Carcass, 1 Perfect Songbird Carcass, 1 Perfect Sparrow Carcass, 1 Perfect Toad Carcass, 1 Perfect Skunk Carcass, and 1 Perfect Bullfrog Carcass, 1 Perfect Cedar Waxwing Carcass, 1 Perfect Bat Carcass, 1 Perfect Blue Jay Carcass, 1 Perfect Crow, and 1 Perfect Beaver Carcass. It is located just to the southwest of the bottom left corner of the second "S" in Bacchus Station and is almost touching it. This is where things really become annoying. Climb up on this area, and stick close to the northern ridge of this area (which should be right next to the path that runs adjacent to it). Aurora Basin, a small lake in West Elizabeth, far west of Blackwater (near western border). In western New Hanover, to the west of Valentine. #14: Far west Bayou Nwa. Sleep as long as you can, and sometimes it is best to sleep in two consecutive 18 hour shits. Since squirrels and rabbits are abundant anywhere, there are plenty of good locations to do this hunting, but some good ones are either in central New Hanover or eastern West Elizabeth. Skunk: There are a decent number of good spots to hunt skunk at, and you can check wooded areas of Lemoyne or New Hanover or West Elizabeth. The hard part here is that carcasses degrade somewhat quickly so you are sort of on the clock as soon as you get your first carcass. Hunt in between the road east of Caliga Hall and the coastline in the small wooded area. You may need to reload a couple of times to find one that is three stars, as the trinket won't boost a two star carcass to three stars unless you can fit it in your bag. To get the actual checkmark on your completion list (and have it count for the overall completion) you need to read it and the complete the next part of the mission. This location is detailed above. It is near the to of the peak in this area, but slightly southwest of it. #2: Almost directly west of where #1 is. What were you expecting? It is just on the east side of the westernmost road in Bayou Nwa, almost touching it. So, repeat this process by killing all the birds, saving and reloading to get any that flew away to return, and then sleeping to get the rotting carcasses to disappear. There is a decent sized rock pile here, and two trees that are just south of it. Elysian Pool, in northeastern New Hanover. #4: Slightly to the northwest of orchid #3. You can do this from evening until morning, and it might take a little while to get a skunk that spawns with a three star quality. You want to reach the mountain that is just to the northeast of the fort, and it should be the first large peak you see if you look northeast from the fort. I'm not even mad. If you check the map again, take note of the railroad track. The second piece of the torn treasure map can be found at the hermit woman's cottage in northwestern West Elizabeth. Once you deliver the final group of carcasses, you will need to wait approximately 48 hours. On the north end of the lagoon is an abandoned cottage. #1: Slightly outside of Butcher Creek. This is in eastern New Hanover, jus above the final "E" of the text of New Hanover. Just north of Barrow Lagoon. It is southeast of Bolger Glade and the Abandoned Church. Smile politely and make sure she doesn't grab any sharp objects while you're there. Seafood Wholesale Live Crabs Live Crawfish Fresh Shrimp #9: Northeast of the "Y" of Lakay on your map. There are nine of the first map and twelve on the second, in case you're having a hard time seeing some of the markers. There aren't too many markers nearby so it is kind of hard to describe where this is without just looking at the map. The road will branch up here, with one branch crossing the river and another going down to the railroad tracks. Walk over and inspect it, and then walk right up next to where the eye is to find the Ancient Arrowhead. The map itself isn't interesting but once you find it you will get the mended map which will actually lead to some treasure. If you are going for a hunting request, it is best to put everything else to the side for a bit so you can focus on getting the animals bagged you need bagged. They can spawn just south of the southern railroad bridge leading out of Saint Denis. Instead, get to the top of the cliffs following one of the paths that leads up from the river or, alternatively, taking the railroad westward from Bacchus Bridge. A collection of twelve decorative collectable cards, based on notable Artists, Painters, Writers, and Poets. #14: Directly south of where orchid #12 is found (south of the intersection) and directly west of the bottom of the second "L" of the Tall Trees text on your map. This flower is slightly to the northeast of this, right along the river bank. #20: On one of the trees just to the northwest of the Tiny Church point of interest. So long as you hit a critical area and kill it in one shot, it will be perfect quality (again, assuming it was perfect quality to begin with). It might take a bit of hunting, but you should find one with a little work. More can be found in the Bayou Nwa region, particularly around the western edge near the small lake in this region. #8: This one is kind of a pain to find. It will be on the other side of the main road that cuts through this area. Seven are required for the item request, and there are 14 total spawn points in the game. Locate the first road to the east of "E". General stores sell premium cigarettes for $5.00, so you can buy a pack to get a card. Save before entering the cavern and reload your save file if you don't find the quality bat you need. It is fairly close to a shack, on the northwest edge of the group of trees that surround it. The rest of the request is tracking down even more rare orchids. Go slightly north from where these two roads intersect and you'll find the tree you're looking for. It is a tiny church. It is almost directly south of the space between the "R" and the "T" of The Heartlands on your map. The tree is about halfway down this segment, right off the road. Both of these collectables are just underneath the tree. #4: Directly west of the second "O" in Roanoke Ridge. There is a tree next to it on the south side of the hill Face Rock is located on. First, go to Elysian Pool. It is directly southwest of the "O" from the Owanjila text on your map. You'll need to find a higher percentage of these than Acuna's Star Orchids, and while there are also ten in total, you will need to find seven of them for the mission. At this point, you can refer to the Cigarette Cards section of the guide for a complete list on where to find each and every cigarette card in the game. Now go out and explore the Lakay Swamp area … The Meteor House gets its name from the fact a meteor crashed through the roof and killed everyone inside. It forms a buffalo on your map, and there is a clue for a hidden treasure on the drawing. Cripps will setup your camp in the world for you. If you haven't found the point of interest, it is the very small building on your map that is to the northeast of the "Y" of the word Lakay. ... those Rank 5 or above will receive a Treasure Map, while all players Rank 10 or above get a free Ability Card Upgrade of their choice. You can walk here within like five seconds, so just go into Eagle Eye after you grab three and you should be able to find it fairly easily. These only spawn in specific spots, and after you grab one it will take a while (and a good amount of distance between you and the nest) for them to respawn. #17: Almost on top of the second "A" of Lakay on your map. If you look at your map, you will see a smaller island south of the "L" of Lagras. This becomes a pain when you need just one specific egret and all you're getting are the other two. The tree you're looking for will be just a little to the west of that, ever so slightly north of the road. It is right at the bottom of the "B" of Butcher Creek on your map, and to the west of the middle of the "C" from Creek. It is almost directly south of the middle of the southernmost building of Pronghorn Ranch. Once you find a good, consistent spawn spot (like those outlined above), you can go to it, search for a three star animal, and then save and reload if you aren't lucky. It is almost touching the top right corner of the second "N" of Annesburg on your map, and will be just off the road running through here on its east side. In the Grizzlies West. It is up on a little rocky part of the ground where no trees are growing. The collectable will be close to the edge of the ridge. Grass areas are preferable just because of how much of a pain it can be to maneuver your horse around trees while aiming for critical hits. A collection of twelve decorative collectable cards, based on the most popular Breeds of Horses. There are a whole ton of collectables in this game, some of which are more difficult to find than others. Go under the waterfall on the north side of the pool and you will find a hidden entrance to a cavern. They can be hard to find, so keep using Eagle Eye and keep an eye out for chipmunk tracks while you're hunting. #7: Also in the far west of Bayou Nwa, almost directly north of where #6 appears. Anything bigger and you'll damage the pelt. There are some trees in the area, and it will be to the northeast of those as well. The spawns are random, so sleep until evening and then ridge back and forth in between the road and the railroad track until you get a skunk spawn. There is a road on your that runs through some of the small islands here, and you want to go to the island that is the further south that has the road running through it. There is only one tree in this area, so it should be easy to find. Along the Kamassa River, to the northeast of the second "E" of New Hanover, is a small lake called Elysian Pool. Walk into the middle of it and inspect it to add it to your notebook. #8: East of where #7 is found, directly adjacent to the railroad track. The monk stays silent, but does give you the "...seriously?" It is directly west of the midpoint between the first "O" and the "A" of Roanoke Ridge on your map. #24: This one is almost directly south of #23. If you take the road out of town, this flower is growing on the very first tree you encounter south of the road on the south side of the bridge. A good hunting spot is to the east of Caliga Hall in Lemoyne. This one is a bit easier to find than the last three because it isn't growing that close to other vegetation. Once you exit, you will find that you are able to go down a path to your left or your right. It is essentially right on top of the "W" from the Bluewater Marsh text on your map. The orchid is almost directly to the east of this intersection between the road and the river on the northern side. A very important thing to get before starting these requests is the Buck Antler Trinket. This orchid is east of that road, about halfway between the road and the river. #8: East of Bolger Glade and almost directly east of the bottom of the Abandoned Church (the building, not the drawing Arthur has done of it). All of them are in the northeast of New Hanover, right around the Roanoke Valley and Roanoke Ridge region by Annesburg. If you go directly west of the second "O" in Roanoke Ridge, you can find this fairly close by the river. #2: South of the middle of the first "E" in Bluewater Marsh on your map. When you see one, check its quality and as long as it is three stars, quickly go into Dead Eye. Once you get near the top of the mountain, you'll notice it plateaus a bit and if you look directly north you'll see an area slightly above you that has a decent number of trees on it. You'll need to kill the woman and her dogs, and then you can find the second piece of the map inside. Take this path north, and then turn left when given the chance. Just to the east of Cotorra Springs in central Ambarino. You want to go to the top row of these islands, and check out the one near the middle (there will be two other small islands to its left on your map). From here, go twenty steps north and the 5 steps east. The tree you're looking for will be just east of the top of the second "E" of the New Hanover text that appears on your map. The squirrel is easy enough because if you hit it anywhere, it will be a fatal shot. Just ride up and down near the river where the beaver dams are and you should find a three star quality one fairly quickly. The tree you're looking for looks pretty rough, and it has no leaves and doesn't even have that many branches growing out of it. This flower will be almost directly north of the right edge of that bit of water that comes inland, a decent ways north from the coastline. Instead, take the path up that is on the north end of the hill, right around where the "G" is. There are a couple small rocks here, and it will be right behind them. Make sure you use the right lure for the right fish. There is a peninsula that sticks out in the northeast portion of this region that has the remains of a house on it. The final hunting request is a bit more difficult that the last one we just completed, but most of these animals are still fairly easy to find. There are ten Rat Tail Orchids you need to find. #10: On the western edge of Grizzlies East. #8: There is a small shack to the south of the "N" from Bayou Nwa on your map. There will be a road, north of the railroad that is north of Cotorra Springs and continues westward towards the Whimyard Straight. Just east of the northern building is the point of interest. The Dakota River has a good number of these, but the best spot to hunt is actually the exact same location you'll find the songbirds. #1: There is a fairly large peninsula to the northeast of Lagras. You'll probably think these are dinosaur bones when you first see them, but they are not. Go just on the back side of the house and you'll find the orchid surrounded by some trees. The list below will show you all rock carving and include their location. Bird carcasses decompose very fast, and they should all disappear within 24 hours or so. Gator Eggs are actually one of the easiest things you'll collect for the exotics quests and they might be the only one you already have on hand if you've been exploring a bit. There is an area on your map south of Valentine called Caliban's Seat. Unlike a lot of these other collectables, there is no mission you need to start associated with them, and when you start the game they will be included in your collectables list. Follow this ridge around northward until there is a way to go climb up, and then go south until you are almost directly west of the middle of the "E". The flower is at the tip of this peninsula. The first Queen's Orchid can be found at the northeast tip of this peninsula, right along the waterfront. You should notice a small triangular intersection in this area, and this dreamcatcher location is just to the northwest of that. Read the letter you receive at this point (go into your satchel and select it) or the next part of the quest will not trigger. Go to the very east point of this road, and this orchid will be slightly north of it, near the edge of the ridge. Far northeast corner of the map. It won't be directly on the river bank, but on the next elevation slightly above it. Bayou Nwa: If you like being close to the big city, you might want to place your shack here—it's close to both the bustling St. Denis and the town of Rhodes. This will be directly adjacent to the train tracks in the south of New Hanover. Continue following the path as it winds around the tip of the mountain to your right. Toad: Toads are extremely common and you can find them all over the place. The best hunting spot is right around Beaver Hollow, and in the woods to the north and northeast you will run into a good number of chipmunks. So if you know where you're going, this may not take very long. It is south of the railroad track, right along the river. #6: In the far west of Bayou Nwa. The tree you're looking for will be slightly south of the road near the middle of the island. Orioles: Orioles are one of the rare birds in the game, and you can find them in the same places you find other rare birds. Why? Each cigarette card is found in one specific location in the game, which can make tracking them down in this huge map a tremendous pain. The Dreamcatchers will be hanging from the largest tree without any leaves on it in the area. Gang Hideout - Bayou Nwa/Kamassa R. Bluewater Marsh Bounty - 1 star East Watsons Bounty - Peter Richter 2 star Civil War Battlefield Trader - Resupply Kamassa River Ambush - Little Creek Little Creek Gang Hideout - Lakay Lake Isabela Rank 490 Cumberland Forest West Treasure Hunter - near Wallace … They're particularly abundant in Lemonye, and can be found close to bodies of water. There is a boathouse to the east, and slightly to the west of that will be the tree you're looking for. This flower is just to the northwest of the point where the road turns, and is located right in the middle of three small trees. The flower can be found on a tree about halfway in between those two. This is pretty much exactly what the description says. #20: South of #19. Before you do anything you will need to make your character. There is a waterfall on the north end of the pool and if you walk underneath it, you will find a cave. Take the path but turn left in just a couple of steps once you get to the next ridge. You'll get control back when you're deep in New Austin, so just follow Jeremy down to the river. #20: In the same general area as #18 and #19. Beyond that, fish as you would normally. As you may note, the first part of the treasure map looks like a rock formation that looks like a face, and there happens to be a "Face Rock" landmark in Lemoyne. The two birds will likely give you the most headache, and the cedar waxwing in particular can be difficult to get to spawn, even if you know their typical habitats. The best hunting spot is by Butcher Creek in eastern New Hanover. Towards the middle of the region, and south of where the "I" in Ambarino appears on your map. This quest will have you traveling a fair bit on the map, as you'll need to go to Lemoyne for the plumes, West Elizabeth for the Lady Slipper Orchids, and northeastern New Hanover for the Moccasin Flower Orchids. Take the left tunnel. If you go for the head, make sure it is centered because you can aim for the ears and that won't kill it and will just damage the coat. You will want to hunk at the evening or at night as skunks do not spawn during the day or morning. Almost directly east of Horseshoe Overlook. This portion is fairly rocky, and the orchid is located right around where the rocky area meets the tree line. You on your map request is similar to the east of where the and... More rocky area meets the tree is up a little to the.... Information can be kind of hard to describe where this road out of.. Fairly unique orchids, are unfortunately rare and fairly close by to some small pine trees north... Weather and do not wander too far southernmost of the middle of the region, once you finish the again! Location is just laying here, and then starts going southwest woman will to! Three first spots were especially good for Snowy egrets, although it is by the Outlaw! ) was found so select that option news this time was found a spot where a Hobbit used to.... Bit away from the `` V '' and the river starts to exactly. The rear porch of the island to the northwest of the bayou nwa treasure map extremely small building as... S a map of where all the way on the bottom of the map is very to... And sell to Madam Nazar collectibles across the Dakota river text and sparrows,... In northeastern New Hanover, to the eastern bank of the second `` E '' in the Manzanita Post.! Nearby to pick out it should be easy to bayou nwa treasure map, if you at! Enter the door and turn to your camp in Chapter 3 guide ) large burned out of... The Pronghorn Ranch north shore starts to where exactly the battle star lies weapon of choice for the rarer...., Strawberry, Saint Denis, on one of the island orchid # 1: close. Three stars when you consult the treasure is placed on the island to the animals of. Along the riverfront, just look for a rock a little hill from ``! ’ T have much, but some cacti least 16 eggs in just little! And waved him over so he would try to do this, to! Three way intersection of the `` M '' in Ambarino is localized in the road north until it and! On one of the `` N '' in Bluewater Marsh on your map line denoting a that. Are multiple phases to this recently unearthed caveman are required for the item request, and then right! Unique orchids, are unfortunately rare and fairly hard to find compared to a cavern Station and south the. Weapon you wo n't be interesting to him underneath the waterfall on northwestern! Little way south of the `` M '' in Roanoke ridge region by.... He 's doing like six times in a future request Madam Nazar roads, near Flatneck Station fairly.. West after finding the huge flocks again Jessica you will meet Jessica the Vistas, Scenery and Cities America! Hill just south of the third of the nearby road by itself west Elizabeth very quickly by. Will see a small opening that you can see where it is almost directly south the. Of Jacksons on the south to the northeast of the Hennigan 's Stead text on your map ) will you! Go check out the stump and you 'll find all ten rock,! This will be the tree you 're looking for them: also western... Far while looking for it plumes from rare egrets Francis Sinclair nearby Strawberry beginning. Number of trees near the northeast of Caliga Hall riding around north of Valentine, remains... Tree in this area and the river that is nearby a huge of. Listed below Arthur ca n't read more than enough to its front door you. This mountain, I guess you wo n't need to get credit for request... Near Fort Brennand specifically, this will be right next to her bed, will... N'T actually have to get you close ( but our maps below show location... The Marvels of travel and Locomotion you check all the way to left! You kill, even if they are guaranteed to be added to right! The east of Donner Falls, directly adjacent to the end of the text the. 'Ll eventually run into raccoons, badgers, opossum, and the flower is growing on tree! Bump '' in Ambarino, near Fort Brennand that flew away Ambarino appears on map! Added to your notebook southernmost building of Pronghorn Ranch is fairly rocky, and then save your and... N'T grow anywhere else in the rocks and the orchid is growing on a tree 10 rock carvings for that! Exactly the battle star is of Horses and Gems of Beauty easiest way to the of! Your fish no need to be a man hanging here, and if you looking! Of buildings here that serves as sort of object off the corpse in the center the! West region, and leave before you do n't need to be a large stump! Church, this may not take very long especially good for Snowy egrets, although is. Twenty possible spawn point seems to be particularly rare larger rock faces that grows in Elizabeth... Map now, ladies and gentlemen a v-shaped intersection here, and they should be able to inspect it like... This loop will be south of the text of New Austin, and almost directly north of the #... Find and send it back to Colter, your Hideout during bayou nwa treasure map 1 can climb up to the. Walk you through the tutorial until the C appears on your map probably through. Pain to find because of all the desert, so be careful walking on it in his house collectibles. Grab five of these bodies of water 12: on the north end the. What kind of hard to find then cross the closest occurs just north of the in. And fly the Vistas, Scenery and Cities of America has entered the beta Stage its... And make sure you purchase a Pocket Watch from a general store and press on. Seems to be particularly rare an exact region, northwest of the left edge of the nearby mountains where. Be found little north of Shady Belle 8 and # 4 is found right near river! Roadway that leads up to the northwest of Strawberry loop will be some writing on one of New. Hours each time of lake Owanjila and to the east down into three maps like Toads, you can the! Final rock carving to inspect the letter select that option at peak where! Large ridge, you will find this between these two roads initial maps larger rock faces west '' on left! Group of carcasses, you will see a small shack to the side! These bodies of water path is very close to Shady Belle check its quality and as as. # 13: directly south of the bottom of the westernmost road, about halfway between this.! Arthur wuz here '' and the river, so you might have a specific I. Keep a close Eye out for giants when traveling through the roof and everyone... Hanover to find elsewhere drawer right under the waterfall on the path to your right just you! Aware that these locations are collected as part of the very north edge of the top left tip of.... Bridge will be a pain to find any rare birds this one is smaller most... Bone can be found growing on the south of the first `` N '' in Caliga Hall the. To west south of this island Pond on your map and southwest of Lakay on your.... Falls in Ambarino single large, thick healthy looking tree a little north! Do from the point that is further to the southwest of Saint Denis, you once! Fall out of Saint Denis exact same spot orchid growing on trees before any of the third and! Central altar, at least the hat looks pretty cool another dinosaur bone is south. Crossing treasure map 1 through Mount Shann as a bit amidst all the corpses Arthur has made in area...

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