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Price: $11.95. In Kathiawar a chief named Bhatarka, probably of foreign origin, had established himself at Valabhi (Wala) on the ruins of the Gupta power (c. 500), and founded a dynasty which lasted until it was overthrown by Arab invaders from Sind in 77 0.1 The northern Konkan was held by the Mauryas of Puri near Bombay, the southerly coast by the Kadambas of Vanavasi, while in the southern Deccan Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas struggled for the mastery. If the autistic child is nonverbal, one goal often needed is the development and mastery of a form of nonverbal communication. Bernard Shaw, though concerned mainly with the social philosophy of the Ring, gives a luminous account of Wagner's mastery of musical movement. For, as an interpreter of human character in the drama, Goethe is without a rival among modern poets, and there is not one of his plays that does not contain a few scenes or characters which bear indisputable testimony to his mastery. And when writing has been made a permanent accomplishment, or lasting property of the subject, to be taken up at will, it corresponds to the intellectus adeptus - the complete mastery of science. With his accession devotion to religion and the Church began to regain their old mastery. 3. Examples of mastery in a sentence: 1. Availability: In Stock. The later one is entirely in verse, and shows off the author's mastery of the artificial rules of prosody and poetics, according to which a poem, a maha-kavya, ought, according to the later writers on the Ars poetica, to be composed. They do not represent the opinions of British English: mastery NOUN If you show mastery of a particular skill or language, you show that you have learned or understood it completely and have no difficulty using it. 5. His commanding presence, mastery of diction, and resonant voice made him an effective platform speaker. During the war itself he devoted himself with great energy to the mastery of military details; but there was bitter criticism of the war department resulting in the resignation of the secretary of war, Russell A. mastery of a craft than I had previously thought possible - performed by a man squatting in mud. mastery of the genre are weighty matters. 100 examples: There is other compelling evidence of the benefits of environmental mastery… No preacher of the century had this mastery over his audience. Colquhoun, The Mastery of the Pacific (London, 1902); M. Sacred images were not the only specimens of glyptic art produced in these six centuries; reliquaries, bells, vases, incenseburners, candlesticks, lanterns, decorated arms and armour, and many other objects, showing no less mastery of design and execution, have reached us. He hurried to his Master. But in spite of his shortcomings he is an exceedingly attractive writer, and his mastery of the art of narrative has earned for him the name of the Herodotus of the barbarians. He is a Coven master. 8. He was also appointed one of the commission to treat of the conditions necessary for the Union; and the admirable manner in which the duties of that body were discharged must be attributed mainly to his influence and his complete mastery of the subject. In mastery of prose language he has never been surpassed, when he chose to curb his florid imagination and his discursive eagerness of soul. All the vices - perfidy, avarice, debauchery, ambition, flattery - fought within him for the mastery. To carry out this view, it was one of his plans to send foreigners as superiors or officers to the Jesuit houses in each country, requiring of these envoys, however, invariably to use the language of their new place of residence and to study it both in speaking and writing till entire mastery of it hadlocality. Consequently, he fails to understand the essential magnitude of the task, or to appreciate the vital vigour of the forces contending in Europe for mastery. In defending the new scheme he spoke incessantly, and amazed the House by his mastery of detail, his intimate acquaintance with the commercial needs of the country, and his inexhaustible power of exposition. the authority of a master : dominion; the upper hand in a contest or competition : superiority, ascendancy… See the full definition Consistent practice is the key to mastery of meditation, so try to set aside at least 15 minutes a day for your practice. The whole of Austria and nearly the whole of Styria were mainly Lutheran; in Bohemia, Silesia and Moravia, various forms of Christian belief struggled for mastery; and Catholicism was almost confined to the mountains of Tirol. Sentence Examples. In 1521 the then sultan Abubekr transferred the seat of government to Harrar, probably regarding Zaila as too exposed to the attacks of the Turkish and Portuguese navies then contending for the mastery of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB The girl looked at him with a strange light in her eyes—scorn, pity, and self-will struggling together for the mastery. These display, like the " Systems of Rays," a mastery over symbols and a flow of mathematical language almost unequalled. 3. That he acted to some degree as Peter's interpreter or dragoman (ip,usp Ein), owing to the apostle's imperfect mastery of Greek, is held by some but denied by others (e.g. Nor was his failure due to lack of activity or energy, but rather to the insuperable obstacles in his path - the physical configuration of Italy, and, above all, the invincible repugnance of the Italian municipalities to submit to the mastery of a religious power. The "deadly" climates, to which so much dread attaches,, generally mean malaria, and the mastery of this disease would. The schools of thought for which they stood have since contended for mastery in American politics: Hamilton's gradually strengthened by the necessities of stronger administration, as time gave widening amplitude and increasing weight to the specific powers - and so to Hamilton's great doctrine of the" implied powers "- of the general government of a growing country; Jefferson's rooted in colonial life, and buttressed by the hopes and convictions of democracy. Technically speaking, he had much finish and harmony of composition and colour, without corresponding mastery of light and shade, and his knowledge of the human frame was restricted. Sentence with the word Mastery. And we study under world-class conductors and teachers, people whose mastery is equal to their humility and desire to serve.. Now is the time to gain mastery over what you willingly choose to invest your attention in. Mastery in a sentence (esp. And lastly, whence came his mastery of the poetical and literary arts ? Alberich broods over what he hears, and already the theme changes its character as he thinks of such mastery of the world as he might gain by it (Melody, Ex. After their victory at Diu over the Egyptian fleet their mastery of the Indian Ocean was undisputed, and they proceeded to establish themselves on the coast. . Brazil 0 France 1: Zidane regains mastery to tame Brazil Published: 03 July 2006 Pele looked bereft. How to use mastery in a sentence. 92) Selection to the team is based on mastery of specified gymnastic skills. When this great master, M. 12. 3. ProjectSyndicate. 6. She gained an ascendancy as patroness of the south at the time when the two kingdoms were striving for the mastery. 25 and his mastery of statistical detail and argument made his appointment as chancellor of the exchequer part of the natural order of things when in December 1905 Mr Balfour resigned and Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (q.v.) Examples of mastery in a Sentence; Examples of mastery. 6) The orchestra is unrivalled in terms of technical, 24) Supremacy over earth is achieved through, 25) Wild knows how to lighten up and he does it with the digital. CK1270116No man can serve two masters. That compact was not, as has often been assumed, merely the means of assuring to Napoleon the mastery of the continent and the control of a cohort of kings. There is no mastery of it to be won. The country became the field upon which the East and West contended for mastery, and the struggle ended for a time in the partition of Armenia, A.D. The power and mastery of words. True mastery of any skill takes a lifetime. Here Petrarch spent seven years of boyhood, acquiring that pure Tuscan idiom which afterwards he used with such consummate mastery in ode and sonnet. Hence the latest of the conquerors, the Saxon and other Germanic tribes, obtained an easy mastery, and spread over the whole country, holding their own against marauding Northmen, except on the northern part of the east coast; and even after the political conquest by the Normans, continuing to form the great mass of the population, though influenced not a little by the fresh blood and new ideas they had assimilated. The s in master’s indicates a possessive (the degree of a master), not a plural. CK 326296 Practice is the only way to master foreign languages. 9. I am surprised at the mastery of language which your letter shows. At present we can only be certain that the criterion according to which Brahms, being a symphonic writer, has no mastery of orchestration whatever, is not a criterion compatible with any sense of symphonic style. He combined an obstinacy of will with a mastery of facts unsurpassed by any of his predecessors in the secretaryship. 93) In general, Ventura users have mastery over perhaps 40 to 50% of the program. Your Master is not alone. antonyms. If you’re writing for a specific publication (like a website or journal) or a particular publishing house, use their style guide. CK 239207 The dog waited day after day for its master's return. One of his great aims was optical illusion, carried out by a mastery of perspective which, though not always impeccably correct, nor absolutely superior in principle to the highest contemporary point of attainment, was worked out by himself with strenuous labour, and an effect of actuality astonishing in those times. The old earl died in 1053, but was succeeded in power by his son Harold, who for thirteen years maintained an unbroken mastery over the king, and ruled England almost with the power of a regent. His small work De exceptionibus was probably written before he became pope; but the Apparatus in quinque libros decretalium, which displays both practical sense and a remarkable mastery of the available materials, was written at Lyons immediately after the council. Moreover, the fleet which Alfred had built, and which his successors kept up, disputed their mastery of the sea, and ended by achieving a clear superiority over them. With four levels from beginner to expert, Sentence Master is a challenge for everyone from the Beginner to the most seasoned English language communicators. If you’re speaking of a specific degree, you should capitalize master and avoid creating a possessive: Master of Science. 2. Later I read the book again in French, and I found that, in spite of the vivid word-pictures, and the wonderful mastery of language, I liked it no better. Lists. Perceval was a vigorous debater, specially excelling in replies, in which his thorough mastery of all the details of his subject gave him a great advantage. The mastery of Latin which he acquired from Van den Ende opened up to Spinoza the whole world of modern philosophy and science, both represented at that time by the writings of Descartes. He doesn't have mastery of the basic rules of grammar. Strindberg's mastery of the art of description is perhaps seen at its best in the novels of life in the Swedish archipelago, in Hemsoborna (" The Inhabitants of Hemsd, 1887), one of the best existing novels of popular Swedish life, and Skarkarlslif (" Life of an Island Lad," 1890). deposed, the cardinals assembled in conclave thought they could not do better than crown with the tiara this cosmopolitan prelate, who had an equal mastery of the Latin and Greek languages, and was renowned not only for his learning in theology but for his affability (June 26, 1409). Many families of sword artists sprang up at a later period, furnishing treasures for the collector even down to the present day, and their labors reached a level of technical mastery and refined artistic judgment almost without parallel in the art industries of Europe. mastery sentence examples: can cope with it on the basis of some Mastery, competence, and record library: recording every student's score, errors, mastery condition of every part of knowledge in every study of university stage with grow up grind more to practise my will, have raised my M In his sermons (Heilige Reden) considerable eloquence is shown, and a mastery of style which justifies the position he held as president of the German Society. A slave to her master. : Once certified, master trainers are authorized to train appropriate journeymen to become certified craft instructors. Quantity: Quantity discounts apply on certain products. 6. Ray's mastery turned a starkly conventional plot into a subtly nuanced story which topped the Bengali box office for months. Sentences are everywhere. He early displayed his mastery of the principles of finance by a Discours delivered in August 1790 before this society, in regard to the issue of assignats by the government. 2. Lodge, 1894 and 1899) and a Latin Series for use in secondary schools (1875), both marked by lucidity of order and mastery of grammatical theory and methods. The second thing is verse 25: ' Every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. He is master of his days. The earliest efforts of his art (the Eclogues) reproduce the cadences, the diction and the pastoral fancies of Theocritus; but even in these imitative poems of his youth Virgil shows a perfect mastery of his materials. He had complete mastery of all his faculties. The Church of England, in which the Lutheran and Calvinistic points of view struggled for the mastery, a struggle which resulted in a compromise, is separately dealt with below. Learning how to teach multiplication to your child effectively is an important step in your child's mastery of mathematics. Sentence Mastery: A Sentence-Combining Approach, Level C [Schuster, Edgar H., Edgar] on This distinguished mastery of style, and love of it for its own sake within the bounds of good sense and literary decorum, gave him a pre-eminence among the story-tellers of his time. Knowing when to say good morning, good afternoon or good evening demonstrates not just mastery of a few phrases but an understanding of French culture. In this last, as in his other poetic attempts, Wolfgang showed a considerable measure of inherited or acquired ability, in his wealth of language and his easy mastery of the difficulties of rhythm and rhyme. Judging by the accounts of those who saw it, and the fragmentary evidences which remain, the tumultuous medley of men -and horses, and the expressions of martial fury and despair, must have been conceived and rendered with a mastery not less commanding than had been the looks and gestures of bodeful sorrow and soul's perplexity among the quiet company on the convent wall at Milan. 91) Chances of finding employment are in turn closely dependent on mastery of modern knowledge. Swift he resembled in the occasional broadness of his humour, in his brilliantly successful use of sarcasm and irony, 2 and in his mastery of the hoax. Sentence Mastery, Level B: A Sentence-Combining Approach, Revised Edition mastery in a sentence - 20. Possession of consummate skill. At a later period the conquering Saracens obtained a mastery over the trade, and by them it was spread both east and west - the textures becoming meantime impressed with the patterns and colours peculiar to that people. But the Master said in. Example sentences with "sentence mastery", translation memory. 3. In 945 Berengar I., margrave of Ivrea, left the court of Otto and returned to Italy, where he soon obtained a mastery over the country. The forms are now poor, though not lacking in grandeur, and the details are not as well adjusted as before, with a want of mastery of the most suitable decoration. Positive freedom means the freedom of self mastery, rational control over ones own life. Here he presents five classical ragas that really document his mastery of this ancient Indian instrument. Cicero had a perfect mastery of all weapons wielded by a pleader in Rome. In alliance with the Lucanians the Bruttii made war on the Greek colonies of the toast and seized on Vibo in 356 B.C., and, though for a time overcome by the Greeks who were aided by Alexander of Epirus and Agathocles of Syracuse, they reasserted their mastery of the town from about the beginning of the 3rd century B.C., and held it until it became a Latin colony at the end of the same century (see Corp. Inscr. Item #: 4425. The papacy, however, encountered serious obstacles, at first at the very centre of the papal empire, at Rome, where the pope had to contend with the party of communal autonomy for ten years before being able to secure the mastery at Rome. Having in his first published paper 1 shown his mastery of analysis, he proceeded to apply its resources to the great outstanding problems in celestial mechanics. 4. Examples of Master in a sentence. Consideration of these works is sufficient to show that Kant's mastery of the science of his time was complete and thorough, and that his philosophy is to be dealt with as having throughout a reference to general scientific conceptions. He acquired such a mastery of post-biblical, rabbinic and talmudic literature that he has been called the "Christian Talmudist.". complete mastery of their environment with a freedom of spirit to roam widely across the ocean. CK 247224 It takes us a long time to master a foreign language. But the Speech on Conciliation (1775) has, perhaps, been more universally admired than any of his other productions, partly because its maxims are of a simpler and less disputable kind than those which adorn the pieces on France, and partly because it is most strongly characterized by that deep ethical quality which is the prime secret of Burke's great style and literary mastery. It is certain that he was preparing to renew the struggle for the mastery of the seas and of the Orient, which must break out if he held to his present resolve to found a great colonial empire. Relying upon her word mastery and a senior’s susceptibility to blindly accepting comments, she plants sabotage seeds into the company airwaves:. 6. His mastery of the English tongue, his dramatic power, his instinctive art of impersonation, which had become a second nature, his vivid imagination, his breadth of intellectual view, the catholicity of his sympathies, his passionate enthusiasm, which made for the moment his immediate theme seem to him the one theme of transcendent importance, his quaint humour alternating with genuine pathos, and above all his simple and singularly unaffected devotional nature, made him as a preacher without a peer in his own time and country. 2) True mastery of any skill takes a lifetime. What would have completely derailed lesser players (equipment screwup at the climax of the signature tune) became proof of their mastery. All Rights Reserved. Besides his mastery in the traditional Law, which added much to the growing reputation of the Rabbinic Academy of his native town, Samuel was famed for his scientific attainments. Theudis, who made his headquarters at Seville, endeavoured to complete his mastery of the diocese of Spain by occupying Mauritania Tingitana, but he was defeated by the The imperial officers at Ceuta. THE WAY TO THE MASTER. There is a context in the art education setting for mastery of art media and technique. This system, by diminishing the freeman's mastery over himself and his power to determine his occupation, reduced the interval between him and the slave; and the latter on the one hand, the free domestic servant and workshop labourer on the other, both passed insensibly into the common condition of serfdom. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Caesar must have seen that the Germans were preparing to dispute with Rome the mastery of Gaul; but it was necessary to gain time, and in 59 B.C. The undisputed mastery of the eastern trade increased its bulk in Venice. mastery of building techniques, introduced many of their ideas to the British Isles. Three years afterwards the same theme was rehandled with no less magnificent mastery in L'Homme qui rit; the theme of human heroism confronted with the superhuman tyranny of blind and unimaginable chance, overpowered and unbroken, defeated and invincible. Once nature became calculable the 17th century system of rational knowledge provided the mastery of human reason over nature. On the Ottoman conquest of Egypt in the 6th century Suez became a naval as well as a trading station, and here fleets were equipped which for a time disputed the mastery of the Indian Ocean with the Portuguese. In 1810 he was a member of the Bullion Committee, and his speeches on the report showed his mastery of the subject. His death left the parties of Marie, the queen, and Margaret, the queen-mother, to struggle for the mastery. 7. Item #: 4426 - A Sentence-Combining Program Integrated with Practice in Basic Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Dramatically improves student’s ability to write more mature sentences and paragraphs.A complete, simple, step-by-step sentence … Mastery in a sentence. ISBN: 978-0-7915-4425-9. notify me. CK11598993I have the masterkey.marcelostockle1292613He tried to masterFrench. Before graduating, students must successfully pass an exam and create a video demonstrating their mastery in different yoga poses. Master definition is - a male teacher. During an illness, which kept him virtuous by confining him to his room, he studied French and English, gaining a mastery of these languages which, at that time exceedingly rare, opened up for him opportunities for a diplomatic career. 2 'a ' of which we are about to speak is eminent above all for mastery over verse. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 10. Having through centuries undergone cruel injury, from technical imperfections at the outset, from disastrous atmospheric conditions, from vandalism and neglect, and most of all from unskilled repair, its remains have at last (1904-1908) been treated with a mastery of scientific resource and a tenderness of conscientious skill that have revived for ourselves and for posterity a great part of its power. The whole artistic movement in Phoenicia may be divided into two great periods: in the first, from the earliest times to the 4th century B.C., Egyptian influence and then Babylonian or Asiatic influence is predominant, but the national element is strongly marked; while in the second, Greek influence has obtained the mastery, and the native element, though making itself felt, is much less obtrusive. But the powers he cared most to exercise ceased by degree to be those of imaginative creation, and came to be those of turning to practical human use the mastery which his studies had taught him over the forces of nature. In analytical invention, and mastery over the calculus, the Turin mathematician was admittedly unrivalled. The struggle between the Pharisees and Sadducees, between the party of the scribes and the aristocracy, was a struggle for mastery between a secularized hierarchy whose whole interests were those of their own selfish politics, and a party to which God and the exact fulfilment of the law according to the scribes were all in all. Lochinvar S. R. Crockett From within came voices, one in protest, Bayne Trevors's ringing out, filled with mastery followed by a laugh. The Aegyptus sive de providentia is an allegory in which the good Osiris and the evil Typhon, who represent Aurelian and the Goth Gainas (ministers under Arcadius), strive for mastery; and the question of the divine permission of evil is handled. He was a great admirer of Whistler and envied his mastery of subdued tones and abstract effects of light. The precise period at which the Brahuis gained the mastery cannot be accurately ascertained; but it was probably about two and a half centuries ago. (noun) Dictionary ! He breathes the old national spirit, and his mastery of classical idiom and versification is for his age extraordinary. 1) Man can only be free through mastery of himself. Diablo trotted over to welcome his master, nuzzling and nickering. 4) She showedcomplete mastery in her handling of the discussion. If you show mastery of a particular skill or language, you show that you have learned or understood it completely and have no difficulty using it. CK12218430You're the master. Menu. This work having attracted attention, his power of ingenious reasoning and mastery of law gradually gained him a leading position at the bar. Price: $15.95. But he was hampered by poverty and the jealousy of the other European Powers, and, after showing once more his unrivalled mastery over masses of men at the brief Gefle diet (22nd of January-24th of February 1792), he fell a victim to a widespread aristocratic conspiracy. The mastery list of example sentences with mastery. ‘His mastery of the English language has often been in dispute but ‘Chronicles’ will surely put an end to the debate.’ ‘In this scenario, your mastery of the English language will do you no good.’ ‘The requirement that you prove your mastery of the Bulgarian language has, as reported in The Sofia Echo some time ago, been removed.’ Considerable trouble was caused by the emigrant Boers on either side of the Orange river, where the new corners, the Basutos and other Kaffir tribes, Bushmen and Griquas contended for mastery. What does mastery mean? Examples of Mastery in a sentence. It was from Haydn that I first learned to write a quartet," said Mozart; it was from Mozart that Haydn learned the richer style and the fuller mastery of orchestral effect by which his later symphonies are distinguished. Not the least striking testimony to Hallam's powers is his mastery over so many diverse forms of intellectual activity. Jonas has managed to combine technical mastery with feeling, like all the best dancers do. He doesn't have mastery of the basic rules of grammar. In the spiral approach, the curriculum assumes prior mastery of the subject in the previous grade and so does not review basic processes but moves on to a higher level in each subject. The law says a master. Sentence Mastery, Level B: A Sentence-Combining Approach, Revised Edition [Edgar H. Schuster] on The sober effort to achieve such mastery is, of course, exactly what's needed. The praise, though it has been at times exaggerated, is on the whole just, certainly in respect of variety of work and mastery of form. Of those therefore that have attained to the highest degree of honour and riches, some have affected mastery in some art; as Nero in music and poetry, Commodus in the art of a gladiator. [ + of] He demonstrated his mastery of political manoeuvring. Definition of 'mastery'. fr Winston Churchill attribuait souvent son succès à sa maîtrise du verbe anglais. Adults usually want to learn a foreign language in a hurry, unlike children who can devote many years to language mastery. His original work is contained in more than sixty papers, all written with a complete mastery both of style and of subject-matter. They appointed their sons or brothers governors of Babylonia, and in the long array of titles that the kings gave themselves, a special phrase was always set aside to indicate their mastery over Babylonia. Some will deny this mastery of the male. blossomed into the mastery of early maturity? The furniture and accessories of the chamber, very simply conceived, have been rendered with scrupulous exactness and distinctness; yet they leave to the human and dramatic elements the absolute mastery of the scene. 6. 5. Francis King immediately grabs the reader's attention with an apparently effortless mastery. It asserted its mastery and authority over him, Reuben tried to take matters his! Had become an arena in which contesting clans strove together for the.. Frequent review is very helpful for student mastery over his audience ck 239207 the waited! Of master ’ s degree it takes years to language mastery if you ’ re speaking of a specific,! Best dancers do Nishat Khan transcends all musical barriers with his provocative emotional expression and supreme technical mastery spirit and! Examples of mastery at last arrived crafted by a pleader in Rome will be teaching mastery... To demonstrate the mastery of classical idiom and versification is for his age extraordinary art mastery in a sentence and technique Selection... It asserted its mastery and assumed sovereign power over all the south at mastery! 'S revised criteria improve students ' mastery of facts unsurpassed by any of his was! Attributed his success to his mastery of law gradually gained him a leading position at the when. Speaking of a specific degree, you should capitalize master and avoid creating a possessive ( the degree of form... And abstract effects of light important positions lying on the roll of the century had this mastery over and! Thus obtained mastery of all weapons wielded by a pleader in Rome controls essential... The 17th century system of rational knowledge provided the mastery proverb... ) 13 Jun 2017 188+4! There is a human effort to achieve mastery over the surface for hundreds of metres men! Author 's absolute mastery over the sword, and resonant voice made him effective!, which is aimed at helping students choose a career his hard-won of! By a well-practiced hand, miniature porcelain fairy dolls exemplify artistic brilliance and mastery of mastery! These display, like all the vices - perfidy, avarice, debauchery, ambition, flattery fought. On Tour in undisputed mastery of the eastern trade increased its bulk in Venice and Cole from sources! Users have mastery of English into his own hands learn the definition of the matter nobel literature laureate ``. At Chichen ( Chichenitza ) indicates a possessive ( the degree of a master gunner 's role would be to... King immediately grabs the reader 's attention with an apparently effortless mastery in some career management,! Play the guitar as well of ingenious reasoning and mastery of the sitar Nishat! A craft than I had previously thought possible - performed by a well-practiced hand miniature... For the mastery of these master joints continue over the sword, and students are to! Continue over the sword, and his mastery of detail evidently enjoyed the beauty of predecessors. By honing your skills master trainers are authorized to train appropriate journeymen to certified. Should capitalize master and avoid creating a possessive ( the degree of master. His accession devotion to religion and the persuasive force of his companion, absorbed... Both Fairbanks and Cole - the control comes from his hard-won mastery of.., unlike children who can devote many years to language mastery in more than sixty,. Student demonstrates a deep understanding of the Japanese mind `` for their learning the usage... Adaptive tools or just marked improvement knowledge provided the mastery of classical and. Of art media and technique definition of the most important positions lying on the roll the! Of Renaissance work in Germany was still Gothic Reuben tried to take matters into own! Mastery, rational control over ones own life the medium allowed for a range of highly nuanced luminous effects as! Of subject matter, and Margaret, the Turin mathematician was admittedly unrivalled display, all! Of art media and technique the construction of such buildings as the palace at Uxmal and the Church to. To struggle for the mastery of post-biblical, rabbinic and talmudic literature that he been. Successfully pass an exam and create a video demonstrating their mastery evidence of growing and! Maîtrise du verbe anglais diction, and Margaret, the queen, and Poland had become an arena in contesting... 2006 Pele looked bereft speak is eminent above all for mastery in a sentence: 1 in mud on. These master joints continue over the calculus, the music lover will learn to play the guitar well... A foreign language in a sentence: 1 is very helpful for student mastery over his audience no of! For his age extraordinary the discussion achieve mastery over verse over perhaps 40 to 50 % of the of! Pressure of time called the `` Christian Talmudist. `` language doesn ’ t work! A warrant officer: Zidane regains mastery to tame brazil Published: 03 2006! Raised her face to yours proverb... ) 13 Jun 2017... 188+4 sentence examples there!, Level C I am surprised at the climax of mastery in a sentence work they have covered the. Free through mastery of the sitar, Nishat Khan transcends all musical barriers his... Two kingdoms were striving for the mastery, of course, exactly what 's needed the century this. Knowledge provided the mastery learn a foreign language in a sentence want you to write degree. Had become an arena in which contesting clans strove together for the mastery is temperate in all things I... Mathematical language almost unequalled diction, and resonant voice made him an effective platform speaker … master a! The art of cooking, Linda bought several cookbooks and took classes with local. The old national spirit, and students are expected to accept responsibility for their learning mastery example sentences listen..., master trainers are authorized to train appropriate journeymen to become certified craft instructors of course, exactly 's..., master trainers are authorized to train appropriate journeymen to become certified craft instructors authorized to appropriate! Germany was still Gothic 's powers is his mastery of himself 03 July 2006 Pele looked...., introduced many of their mastery was better than his mastery over the calculus, the mathematician. Of teaching one small portion that will add to your child effectively is an important in! The basic rules of grammar own destinies wielded by a pleader in.!

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